World Cup 2014 lookalikes

With the World Cup just around the corner, Alex Clarke takes a look at the potential stars of Brazil and the doppelgangers they were separated from at birth.

Luis Suarez and Basil Brush

An irritating rodent and a fictional star of British children’s television, both are liable to crack a cheeky grin following mischievous behaviour. One likes to take chunks out of Serbian defenders while the other is famous for arguably the most irritating catchphrase in television history. The Uruguayan forward has reportedly recovered from his knee operation and looks set to start against England in São Paulo. Watch out Cahill and Jagielka, marking Suarez is a potentially dangerous assignment.

Andrea Pirlo and Chuck Norris

In complete contrast to the previous pair, these two ‘heroes of the beard’ are much loved ambassadors for their respective areas of expertise. The resemblance is striking, mainly due to their glorious facial hair, but also because of the respect and love they have earned through their careers. Pirlo is a midfield maestro and model professional, while anyone who can go head to head with Bruce Lee and live to tell the tale deserves the greatest of plaudits.

Fernando Torres and Brüno

The former is often the subject of ridicule for his questionable goal-scoring ability while the latter is a homosexual fashion journalist. In their prime both sported superb locks of golden hair – and was it just mere coincidence that the year Brüno’s film was released was also one of Torres’ most successful seasons in English football? We think not.

James Milner and Lee Evans

Famed for his tedious approach to football interviews, the England and Manchester City journeyman is the spitting image of the Welsh comic actor. Milner has inspired a twitter account well known for its mundane approach to everyday activities while Evans is one of Britain’s highest selling stand-up comedians. The personalities of the two could not be further apart, but will Milner provide us with laughs or tears this summer in Brazil?

Adnan Januzaj and Macaulay Culkin

One is a Belgian superstar in the making, the other an actor turned musician who likes to get booed off Nottingham stages. While Culkin enjoys handing out pizza and foiling the plans of dastardly criminals, Januzaj has been tipped to become one of the best wingers in the world. Although it remains to be seen whether Januzaj will play a part in Belgium’s World Cup campaign, it’s certain that Kevin Mcallister would be able to deal with any tricky opposition tactics.

Well there we have it. What other celebrity lookalikes are out there? Let us know.


Alex Clarke




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